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Are you feeling stuck in life?

Would you like to have more energy?

Do you want to change something in your life - even if not completely sure what?

Do you want to find out your purpose in life?

Do you have it all and still something is missing?

Are you feeling unhappy with your work-life-balance?

A warm welcome to professional coaching!

Do you want more fun in your life?

Is there a major change in your life and you want to make the most out of it?

For many years now I have helped people improving their career, find a new purpose, improve their relationships, and transform a crisis from a stumbling block into a stepping stone. In the last years my focus has been on young people dealing with anxieties, panic attacks, eating disorders, and more. It has grown into a passion to help those wonderful young people being more resilient, confident, calm, and aligned with their true self. Being a mother myself, seeing them living their potential joyfully is opening my heart wide.


Take back control and elevate to new heights

Do you want to improve your relationships?

Do you play various official/unofficial roles in your life and are afraid to get lost in them?

I will be your partner, challenging you in your perspectives, inspiring you, cheering you and moving you forward. We will identify and work on your fears, doubts, and every limitation that are holding you back so far. One step at a time you will move forward and I will be at your side. I will fully support you throughout the process. The reward is immense, if you really want it, and improves your private as well as your professional life.

I am here to listen to you, to focus only on you – I am here to help you in your personal growth.


Professional coaching works, trust me!

Are you ready to stop your negative self-talk and deal with your fears?

Drop me an email or give me a call and let´s talk about you, your goals, your dreams, your vision. I know it often requires quite some courage to take this first step. But this is about you, your life, and your happiness – and it will have a positive impact not only on you but on all those around you as well.