Client Words

Carol G, UK

Heike has a friendly manner and is very positive. Heike creates a comfortable environment no matter where we meet or how we communicate. Heike helps me look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas I want to improve or change. Heike also helps me revalue what is important to me and what stands in my way. After each session I feel upbeat, in charge and able to do and consider anything. I know that with Heike’s guidance during our sessions I will transform my life. So far so good. I’m excited for the future.

Helena H., UK

I was beginning one of the most significant years of my life and finding it hard to focus and wasn't quite sure where to go next then fate decided to help me out and I found Heike! Heike has helped me see myself from another angle, encouraged me to take bold decisions and been a great facilitator when I have been unable to prioritise and move forward. A coach is lots of things but the most important thing to me is having another pair of eyes helping me see things more clearly so I can focus on the road I should be taking. It is a unique skill of a good coach and Heike has this ability in abundance.
I could never have got through this year without her.

Bernd G, Germany

Durch berufliche Rückschläge bin ich in eine demotivierte und orientierungslose Phase geraten. Das strukturierte Herausarbeiten von eigenen Wünschen, Eignungen und aufzeigen der Möglichkeiten hat die Sichtweise und Einstellung komplett verändert.
Sehr unterstützend war Ihre positive Art und Motivation in dieser Zeit. Durch Ihr Coaching haben meine Ausstrahlung und Wirkung, sowie meine berufliche und private Energie sich sehr zum Positiven gewandelt. Innerhalb eines Jahres ergaben sich sehr vielen Optionen und Chancen.
Und mittlerweile habe ich den Job gefunden, der zu mir passt. Vielen Dank an Dich, Heike für Deine Begleitung und Unterstützung während dieser Zeit.

Nowra M., Saudi-Arabia

Heike was my second coach ever. I had a goal with my first coach and when it was achieved the relationship was over. But with Heike it’s different , it’s more like a life journey relation. A hand that is holding mine gently and walking along the way . She is a mentor if you need that, an honest friend, and mostly a genuine woman that will really give you from her heart. For me she is the true meaning of a real human being not just a coach. So grateful to God that I have You Heike in my life, God bless you

Eleonore H., UK

I’ve known Heike for a bit more than 2 years now, and have witnessed her path becoming a life coach. From the moment Heike started her journey to become a life coach, I’ve seen her growing and blossoming. The wisdom and confidence she gained from the fact that she was doing something what definitely was her calling, was so obvious. She already was a beautiful person, but is now even more so, being much more aware of the new goal in her life: helping people to reach the same level of awareness, happiness and positivism as she has gained. I’ve started to attend sessions with Heike and I can’t say anything else than that it is so rewarding, so eye-opening to talk to her. Without any judgment she gently guides you -using your own awareness and your own tools- past the obstacles you encounter. Her calmness, her patience, her understanding and her positive attitude, all help to make the sessions very rewarding. I would definitely recommend Heike Grand-Montagne as a sparring partner/life coach whenever you are in need of someone who is able to help you getting your life under control and realising what life has in store for you.